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Nov 8, 2012 1:00am EST
school. i think romney lost a lot of people and the columbus because of that 47%. caller: i am really upset. i cannot believe we again that mr. obama and the white house. -- in the white house. i am a nurse. it's been hard in the valley of finding a job. home health has completely -- patients are being [unintelligible] due to medicare cuts. you see it and you go to the grocery store and do you see these ladies with their purses and they pay with [unintelligible] caller: it is a very dark day. i am shocked at how this man could have won again. i feel that the election, so many people are out of work, i am an executive in this community. i lost a job and was able to find a job but there are no jobs. the woman who called before, the situation with obama with our troops and with our embassy, i think he handled improperly. i would not be surprised before he gets ready to give his inaugural speech that there might not be an impeachment trial that starts. i think the country is more divided today than ever before. i think he was able to win because so many people have moved to the bot
Nov 1, 2012 8:00pm EDT
denny rehberg. followed by a campaign rally with ann romney in columbus, ohio. friday with four days before the election, mitt romney and ann romney will kick off the recovery road toward. they will be joined by condoleezza rice, bobby jindal, rick perry, and john mccain. live starting at 7:30 eastern on c-span. >> ok. it documents the coolidge family in the white house years and before. part of the coolidge family papers. we have one box the is just photographs. several boxes of other documents. photographs are heavy. the album should be in the back of the box. here it is. unfortunately, it is on black acidic paper. there is not much we can do about that because we do not want to change the artifact nature of the album itself. some of these pages are separating. this is a photograph of calvin coolidge the day before he became president. he was in plymouth, vt. the visiting his father, doing some chores. this is a press photograph, so he did have the press with him. it took one photograph of him here with his suit jacket on. there is another one without the suit jacket on. >> mo
Nov 1, 2012 1:00am EDT
campaign events tomorrow. his wife will be in a rally in columbus ohio, live beginning and noon eastern. you can watch both events live here on c-span and at our website, new jersey suffered some worst damage from hurricane sandy. today, president obama visited the state with governor chris christie and spoke about the federal government's response to the disaster. this is 15 minutes. >> i promise, you are going to be ok. we are going to get this whole thing set up. this is the owner of the marines arrive here. i want to make sure that she knows -- the owner of a marina right here. how long have you had the marina? since 1996? nothing like this has ever happened. well, we will get it done, i promise. we are going to see what we can do. we will try to work through, obviously folks' homes, making sure the power is back on, making sure the streets are clear and all the debris is gone. we want to make sure the small businesses are up and running. is the head of emergency management. he knows what to do. [indiscernible] the other thing is, i know there is a lot of aqua culture he
Nov 7, 2012 2:00am EST
state are you located index >> i am south of columbus about 30 minutes. >> what does turn out like today, or did you vote early? >> i voted today. i voted today at a very small community church. matter of fact, i was by myself. someone was walking out as i walked in. >> as a republican, what is your reaction to the results? >> i am unhappy. i am the republican unicorn that is going to tell you why, romney it lost. i have to agree with the lady that spoke about the republicans going so far right. i want to reclaim the republicans back, where they used to be. it started with president bush, the second bush, and the patriot act. it basically destroyed civil rights. i went crazy at that point. i just thought, what is going on with this party? i have always been a republican. now, they are going so far to the right it is ridiculous. they used to be the party of fiscal responsibility. they used to be the party of government staying out of your personal business, out of your home. now, that are wanting to tell people who they can marry, and all this other stuff. it is ridiculous. john boe
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4